Mark Mathis - Director

Mark Mathis is a filmmaker, speaker, author and consultant. As the Director of WestWave Films he has produced two documentaries, Fractured and spOILed. Mathis was also Line Producer for Ben Stein’s film, EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed. Mathis began his career as a television news reporter and anchor at TV stations in California, Nevada, New Mexico and South Carolina. He left the news industry to start his media consulting/training firm Mathis Media. His best selling book, Feeding the Media Beast, is published in the U.S. China, Russia, India and Korea. Mathis has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and TV stations. He’s been hired as a keynote speaker for dozens of organizations including the National Football League, American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers and Saudi Research & Marketing among many others.

About Fractured

Are you helping the anti-energy racket restrict oil, gas and coal production as well as nuclear and hydropower? Don’t answer too quickly. Former newsman turned filmmaker, Mark Mathis, explains how all of us are at least unknowingly participating in a grand deception about energy production and consumption. The reason is language. As Mark Mathis explains in Fractured, virtually every word and phrase we use when we talk about energy is wrong—and not in a good way. The revelation about deceptive language came to Mathis while he was taking his highly-acclaimed first film on energy—spOILed—to theaters around America. spOILed explained that America is not “addicted to oil” as claimed by George W. Bush, but rather we are all spoiled by the amazing life oil has given us. Fractured examines how terms such as “fossil fuel,” “clean energy,” “alternative energy,” “all the above,” “finite resource,” “What the Frack,” and others deceive us into believing lies about energy. Mark asks, “How can we have a rational conversation about the most important thing in our lives—energy—when the words we use are all wrong?