Energy Balance Sheet

How can we have a rational discussion about the vital role energy plays in our lives when virtually all of the words and phrases we use when talking about energy are wrong?

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Language, Energy and Abortion

On this blog it may seem I am writing as much about social issues as energy. If you’ve made this observation, you are correct—sort of. This blog is about energy and language. What I want to draw your attention to is the fact that energy producers are not the only ones... read more

Guns, Energy, Denial

We are living in the Age of Denial—of the Obvious. Jihad Omar goes into a gay nightclub in Orlando and murders 49 people and severely injures 53 more. President Obama refuses to call the massacre what it clearly is—radical Islamic terrorism—and instead lectures us on... read more

The Disgraceful Katie Couric

I’ll begin by being a bit impolite. Katie Couric has turned the stomachs of millions of Americans for a long time. When she was co-host of the Today Show her presentation as an “every woman” was transparently saccharine. Her sickeningly phony sweetness was worse than... read more

Violent Crime, Global Warming and the Real “Deniers”

One of the ways you can test the credibility of people is check their consistency. Do their conclusions on various issues line up with the facts or do they confirm an ideological bias regardless of the facts? Here’s an easy test on two issues that would seem to be... read more

Black Gold? Nonsense!

In my new film “Fractured,” I explain why nearly all of the words and phrases we use when we talk about energy are wrong, and they are wrong in a way that is dangerous to our nation. The average American today believes that “fossil fuels” are bad and that we need to... read more

Feel the Burn?

Are you feeling the Bern? Has Bernie Sanders campaign rhetoric created a burning desire for you to elevate the Socialist Senator to the White House? No? I jest, of course. Most of those reading this post no doubt feel a nasty case of heartburn coming on every time... read more

GasLand debunked

“What the ‘frack!’ The ‘fossil fuel’ age must come to an end! ‘Clean,’ ‘green,’ ‘alternative’ energy will fuel a brighter future. ‘Mother Nature’ needs us to ‘save the planet’ from ‘climate change deniers.’” This is the rhetoric we hear on a daily basis.

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All The Below

The 92-minute version of FRACTURED has been shot and is in the final stages of editing. We are raising these funds for the following needs in order to get the film widely distributed:

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What the Frack?!

“What the Frack!” Watch a clip from Fractured that highlights the meaning of this phrase so loved by the anti-carbon energy... read more